President:  Norma Platts

Chair: Sandy Felton

Treasurer: Vivien Mautner

Secretary: Julie Peirce-Jones

Publicity: Chris Bratt


Arnside Educational Institute

Church Hill Arnside, Carnforth, Lancashire LA5 0DF


The Arnside archive group is a voluntary organisation based in the Arnside Educational Institute. Members are cataloguing and organising materials donated by local people, notably a large collection of photographs assembled by local historian Dennis Bradbury.

Our aims are  

  • To promote & encourage interest in and research into the local history of the Arnside area
  • To provide information & exhibitions for the benefit of the local community and visitors alike.                                                                                                                   
  • To record customs and traditions of the Arnside area and the impact of change throughout history.                                                                                                                    
  • To allow local people to donate memorabilia and documents relating to Arnside for preservation.                                                                                                      

We put on displays and workshops about specific topics throughout the year and carry out oral history interviews. Projects and events have included Tourism in Arnside, the history of schools in Arnside and Houses in Arnside.

We hold weekly workshops where new members can be trained to participate in archive activities, such as cataloguing and preparing exhibition materials and researching particular topics of interest.

Currently the workshops are held

10-12pm on Wednesdays

2-4pm on Thursdays


If you are interested in joining the group, come along to one of the workshops or contact us on





Our next exhibition will be Arnside’s Marine Heritage 14th-15th July 2018 at the EI

At the turn of the twentieth century Arnside was an important boat building centre. Crossfields made fishing boats and yachts in the village.  They were the leading builders of Morecambe Bay Prawners or Lancashire Nobbies, which were sailing boats used to catch prawns, shrimps and flounder in the Irish Sea. The boats featured in a recent BBC “Britain Afloat” programme. Crossfields are also thought to have built Arthur Ransome’s “Swallow”.

Whilst several of Crossfield’s boats are still existence, there are currently none in the village. Most residents and visitors have little awareness that boats were ever built in the village.

To help us find out more about the Crossfields, we would like to hear from people who own boats built by them, the family or anybody who has recollections about the boatyard.” We welcome donations of photographs, press cuttings and reminiscences of Arnside’s boat-building history. We also need volunteers to help with mounting the exhibition.

Contact us on



106 year old yacht to return to Arnside thanks to Heritage Lottery Funding


Arnside Archive Group have collaborated with Arnside Sailing Club in applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable purchase of a 1912 historic yacht, the Severn, a River Class Yacht, built by the Crossfields in 1912. This application has been successful, so we are now planning to hold an exhibition about the Crossfield family and their boat building activities, to coincide with and complement the return of the historic yacht to Arnside. There will be a video film made to record the return of the Severn, and a website instigated which will have information about activities associated with the boat. 

The Severn will be moored off the Promenade in summer and sailed on a regular basis. It will be a highly visible sign of Arnside’s boat building heritage and we are hoping to complement this by erecting an interpretation board. The boat is currently in the south of England. Once we have brought it back to Arnside, we will repaint the yacht before putting her in the water in May. We plan to sail the boat in the estuary over the summer. We are setting up a Friends of The Severn group to help look after the yacht and we would be interested in hearing from anybody who wants to support the Club in caring for the boat.

You can email the group on