Founded 1873

Registered Charity No. 526894


Arnside Educational Institute, know as the AEI, is in fact a Charity registered with the Charity Commissions for England and Wales.  It is administered by a Committee of Trustees who act on behalf of the membership and employee an Office Manager to take care of the day-to-day administration of its affairs.


The object of the AEI is to promote the education of people living in the Parish of Arnside and the surrounding areas.  As well as providing facilities for member groups it is used as a Village Hall to provide opportunities for meetings, lectures, classes and a wide variety of recreational and leisure-time activities.  At all times we aim to improve the conditions of life for those in our community.


We can be found on Church Hill and our office is currently open every Tuesday and Thursday morning between the hours of 10am and 12.  It is staffed variously by members of the Committee and our Office Manager who will all do their best to answer your enquiries, take note of your comments and accept bookings.

Normally most areas of the building are open from 9am to 10.30pm Monday to Friday and 5.30pm on a Saturday


At all times we seek to make everyone welcome and have facilities for the disabled, including ramps, a lift and disabled toilets.  We aim to make all visits inclusive, enjoyable and endeavour to treat all with dignity and respect.



Richard Horncastle 01524 762704

VICE CHAIRMAN:  Pam Thompson

SECRETARY: Sue Harrison  

TREASURER: Neil Webster 

Diane Arnold 01524 762828

Sally Burrow

Arnside Educational Institute
Church Hill

Tel: 01524 762828
e-mail: arnsideei@btconnect.com