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As the end of 2023 draws near we can look back on an excellent year for the EI.  Several of our renovation projects are completed or are due for completion in the new year.  Group activities continue to thrive with healthy attendances across the board.


This year we have been pleased to welcome the Stitch in Time/Days for Girls Group to the EI.  This group of ladies does admirable work in producing feminine health kts to be sent overseas to less advantaged countries.


The general success of the EI as a focal point for multiple village activities means we face the future in a very positive light.  We feel that our charging structure gives excellent value in a world of ever increasing costs and provides encouragement and re-enforcement to the social fabric of our community.


The EI is a well equipped centre, open to all and situated in the heart of the village with rooms for hire of different shapes and sizes with adjacent kitchens. There is a lift available which gives disabled access to our upstairs rooms.  The hall is ideal for parties, badminton, table tennis, dance and exercise classes for groups of varying size.  Session prices are for morning, afternoon or evening.


The office can be contacted via email at or telephone 01524 762828.  Our Office hours are Tuesday and Thursday 10am till 12 Noon.

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