Arnside EI has re-opened on Monday 17th May 2021.

Snooker Room is re-opening 24th May 2021, this is for members only and needs pre booking.  Please contact the office for further information.

Arnside Library Link will re-open one morning a week from Tuesday 13th April from 9.30 to 12.30.  The Librarian will be in attendance.

Security improvements to the front door system



Dear Members



As you may be aware there have been a number of incidents involving unauthorised use of the EI in the recent past ie a traveller using the toilet to wash himself and his clothes, a man recharging his mobility scooter whilst he sold drinks on the shore, a young girl being left in a drunken state in the foyer and needing medical attention. The committee of the EI have a duty to consider the safety and wellbeing of all its members and employees as well as those legitimately visiting the premises.


As a result we have decided that in basic principle the front door will be kept locked and members will be issued with a key fob (there will be a refundable deposit of £5 payable to cover the cost of the fob) in order to gain access. If at some time in the future a fob is lost we would ask that you let the office know asap, then it can be deactivated on the system. Unfortunately there  would be  £5 charge to replace it


So how does the system work.


  • The software controlling the system allows us to set the overall core times that the building is available say Monday to Friday 9.00am to 10.30pm.  Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm (unless evening booking)

  • Outside these times the building will be shut and inaccessible.

  • Unless special arrangements are in place a key fob will be required to open the front door.

  • The system records a date, time and user on each occasion that a fob is used.

  • Special arrangements can be made for functions outside these core times or for events such as open days or film shows etc.

  • The system also allows for the door to be unlocked where non-members are attending say a fitness class. So it is possible for the door to be left open for a specified number of minutes at the start of a class. We will be discussing this with the people who run such classes as to what they want.

  • Exiting the building will be achieved by pushing a button in the porch.

  • The library will become a separate entity as the door between the library and the foyer will be permanently locked. As a consequence anyone wanting to move from the library to the foyer or vice versa will have to go outside and re-enter through the appropriate door.


If more than one person in your household is a member you may not want a key fob for everyone so could you kindly return the enclosed slip indicating the number of fobs you require and how you will pay the deposit by either enclosing cash/cheque or by doing a bank transfer.


We appreciate that as the building isn’t allowed to open at the moment that this gives us an opportunity to get the work done with minimal disruption. However, to have fobs ready for use when we do re-open we need you to return the slip as soon as possible.


We appreciate that this is a fairly radical change and everything may not go as planned. If you have any questions or problems let us know. Please bear with us, if a problem does occur we will do our best to resolve it speedily.

Arnside Educational Institute, which was established in 1873, is a popular, dynamic meeting place for the local and surrounding community.  

There are many rooms of different shapes and sizes suitable for lots of different activities and get togethers. Recently the rooms have been used for meetings, family parties, christening, wedding, anniversary celebrations.

The E. I. has WiFi available in the whole of the building.

A number of clubs and societies meet at Arnside Educational Institute on a regular basis. Slots are available for new Interest Groups.  

 Arnside Library Link is now housed at the EI and is open 9.00-19.00 6 days a week.

Normally most areas of the building are open from 9am to 10.30pm Monday to Friday and 5.30pm on a Saturday