Unfortunately Arnside EI closed on Wednesday 14th November 2020 due to COVID restrictions.  The building is closed until further notice.  I will keep the page updated.

Arnside Educational Institute, which was established in 1873, is a popular, dynamic meeting place for the local and surrounding community.  

There are many rooms of different shapes and sizes suitable for lots of different activities and get togethers. Recently the rooms have been used for meetings, family parties, christening, wedding, anniversary celebrations.

The E. I. has WiFi available in the whole of the building.

A number of clubs and societies meet at Arnside Educational Institute on a regular basis. Slots are available for new Interest Groups.  

 Arnside Library Link is now housed at the EI and is open 9.00-19.00 6 days a week.

Normally most areas of the building are open from 9am to 10.30pm Monday to Friday and 5.30pm on a Saturday

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